Microbes are frequently neglected in the classroom, even as their relevance to human health and society has become more and more clear. A particularly novel subject that is important to discuss in the classroom is the field of astrobiology, a new branch of science aimed at understanding the evolution of life on Earth and elsewhere in the universe. Although our knowledge of the field continues to expand at an exciting pace, new developments and innovations are rarely available for teaching in the classroom. Our goal is to bring the excitement of cutting-edge science to teachers and students everywhere through the use of a novel, accessible microbe. We have pioneered the use of the Archaeal microbe, Halobacterium NRC-1, a popular subject of research in many laboratories world-wide for use in the classroom.

Six teaching kits (below) are available and described in The American Biology Teacher. For more information on how to get them for your classroom, see the Carolina Biological Supply website.

Carolina Biological Supply Kit covers

Some great reasons to use the Halobacterium sp. NRC-1 kits in the classroom: