The Halobacterium sp. NRC-1 Genome



Gene VNG2411 in replicon chromosome

The orc7 gene and upstream region endows autonomous replication ability on non-replication plasmids containing the selectable mevinolin resistance marker. The upstream region contains a nearly perfect inverted repeat of 33 bp flanking an extremely AT-rich stretch of 189 bp (56% GC). One of two chromosomal inflection points occur here in cumulative GC-skew analysis used for prediction of replication origins. See Berquist and DasSarma J Bacteriol. 2003 Oct;185(20):5959-66 and Coker et al. J Bacteriol. 2009 Aug;191(16):5253-61. However, orc7 was not found to be essential based on the ability to delete the gene. See Berquist et al. BMC Genetics 2007 June 8;8:31.

Number of genes in this neighborhood: genes
Gene ID Name Size (bp) Annotation
2406vng2406666no entry
2408vng2408321no entry
2410gbp3666GTP-binding protein homolog
2411orc71554orc / cell division control protein 6
2412vng2412276no entry
2413vng2413516no entry
2414arlR14489transcriptional regulator
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