The Haloferax volcanii Genome



Gene Hvo_1049 in replicon pHVo400

Number of genes in this neighborhood: genes
Gene ID Name Size (bp) Annotation
10491HVO_A04911153msmX-3 sugar ABC transporter ATP-binding protein
10492HVO_A0492868ABC-type Maltose/ Maltodextrin permease putative
10493HVO_A0493931mlr2327 mannitol ABC transporter permease protein
10494HVO_A04941333Bacterial extracellular solute-binding protein domain prote
10495HVO_A0495640boa bacterio-opsin activator-like protein
10496HVO_A0496874Usp1 universal stress protein 1
10497HVO_A0497685hypothetical protein
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