The Haloferax volcanii Genome



Gene Hvo_2104 in replicon chromosome

Number of genes in this neighborhood: genes
Gene ID Name Size (bp) Annotation
2101HVO_2101283ptsH Phosphocarrier protein HPr
2102HVO_2102463PTS system galactitol-specific enzyme II A component putativ
2103HVO_21031492PTS system galactitol-specific enzyme II C component
2104HVO_2104298presumptive arabitol PTS enzyme IIB
2105HVO_2105679tpiA triosephosphate isomerase
2106HVO_2106778FbaB Fructose-1 6-bisphosphate aldolase of the DhnA family
2107HVO_2107427conserved hypothetical protein TIGR00149
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