The Haloferax volcanii Genome



Gene Hvo_2005 in replicon pHVo300

Number of genes in this neighborhood: genes
Gene ID Name Size (bp) Annotation
20048HVO_B0048814cbiE precorrin-6y C5 15-methyltransferase (decarboxylating)
20049HVO_B0049682cbiC precorrin isomerase
20050HVO_B00503856cobN cobalamin biosynthesis protein
20051HVO_B00512122hmcA protporphyrin IX magnesium chelatase
20052HVO_B00521240TUP1 Tup1 like transcriptional repressor
20053HVO_B0053385hypothetical protein (TBD)
20054HVO_B00541222cbiK colbalt chelase thioredoxin
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